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Peterborough Phantoms Pay Homage to Their Favourite Fan from Tudors Care Home

One of our lovely residents, Ken Cross, at The Tudors Care Home in Peterborough was a sports fanatic and became a notified legend among the fans and players of the Peterborough Phantoms, for his regular attendance at hockey matches and unrivalled commitment for several years.

Ken join the Gold Care family in 2013 where he kept his celebrity status silent for considerable time. His strong relationship with staff led to him divulging his popularity and the team contacted the Phantoms immediately. The hockey team visited the home, where they kindly donated a scooter for Ken and hockey sticks with a puck, all signed by the team. The Tudors staff went on to decorate Ken’s rooms with the Peterborough Phantoms’ legendary blue and orange colours and mounted his signed memorabilia. In late 2018, Ken and some lucky members of Tudors visited the Phantoms where they watched a game and Ken was taken onto the ice in his scooter to meet the players and was gifted an engraved puck.

Sadly, Ken passed away peacefully on the 28th January 2020, at the age of 87, but the Phantoms won’t be letting his legacy fade away. On Friday 31st January, before the match against the Hull Pirates, Peterborough Phantoms held a minutes applause in memory of their biggest fan, Ken. Members of The Tudors Care Home were also invited to attend by the Phantoms.

Ravi Gidar, Managing Director of Gold Care Homes, commented “Ken is an inspiration to us all. It’s so easy to lose passion for the things we love over time, but Ken has reminded us how important it is to find joy and fulfilment. We encourage all our residents to stay true to the passions they have, and our wonderful teams are always trying to support residents in continuing to enjoy these pleasures.

Our thoughts are with Ken’s friends and family during this time. His story has left a lasting impression on so many of us.”

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