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Nutrition and Hydration Week is rapidly approaching, taking place on the 16-22nd March 2020. This week is an annual event to highlight, promote and celebrate improvements from nutrition and hydration, both locally and globally but particularly within the health and social care setting.

So, ‘why is this important to Gold Care?’ we hear you ask, as you sip on your glass of water and bite into your nutritious snack. With approximately three million people at risk of malnutrition in the UK, Gold Care Homes wants to support the education process and ensure all our residents’ health and wellbeing is supported.

As we age, energy (calorie) needs may decrease as our muscle bulk reduces and so does physical activity. Older people are especially at risk of becoming dehydrated, which can lead to other health issues. It is important to ensure our residents and us as individuals practise good hydration because it contributes to physical, cognitive and thermoregulation function. In essence, this helps the body to fight diseases, absorb nutrients and medication as well as preventing dehydration.

Older persons are particularly vulnerable to malnutrition and dehydration if an adequate nutritional programme is not implemented. Many diseases which elder people suffer with are the result of dietary factors, which can also begin in infancy and impact us later in life. That is why each of our care homes will be partaking in Nutrition and Hydration Week, to highlight this essential education to our residents, their family members and younger generations.

Each of our homes has a dedicated kitchen team who create meals for residents based on their needs. A bespoke care plan is generated when a resident joins the Gold Care family, with additional details about their likes and dislikes so we can create a homely experience. Often a cultural background or favourite cuisine can make all the difference in supporting good nutrition and hydration, which is why our kitchen staff surpass expectations as they work to create aesthetically pleasing meals that are to each resident’s palate.

Protected meal times are implemented in our homes, which permits our kitchen staff and carers to be on the floor with our residents to ensure that residents are eating and drinking enough to maintain balanced nutrition and hydration.


Top tips for eating and drinking well, all year around:

  • Drink water regularly throughout the day. NHS England suggests six to eight glasses a day
  • Coffee, tea, soda water and fruit juices count towards hydration
  • In summer make ice lollies from fruit juice and water
  • Try to consume at least five portions of different fruit and vegetables a day
  • Cut down on saturated fat, sugar and salt
  • Food can account for approx. 20% of our daily fluid intake – opting for foods that naturally contain water, such as watermelon and cucumber, is an easy way to support hydration
  • Choose unsaturated oils and spreads and consume in small amounts.


For more information on how to support your health and well being through good nutrition and hydration, click here.

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