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Mind Therapy Colouring and Activity Book Project

Gold Care Homes have been donated a number of wonderful colouring and activity books, courtesy of Nigel Stevens and his wonderful team at Dynamic Print Media – packed with stunning illustrations designed by Georgie Adby, GA Illustrations and Chris who designed the different activities.

The idea for the Mind Therapy Colouring and Activity Books stemmed from the COVID-19 isolation which many of us are facing and Nigel and his team wanted to help support those in care and working in care during this difficult time. Georgie from GA Illustrations, Chris who designs the activities and Nigel Stevens, owner of Dynamic Print Media came together to create these wonderful Mint Therapy Colouring and Activity Books to provide residents. Offering activity books to a number of different ages and abilities, the activity book follows a gender-neutral approach, with differing activities to relax the mind and deter from the news for a while. Being friends of Victoria Sives, Business Manager at Gold Care Homes, they reached out and expressed their mission to bring joy to the elderly and those working in care. This non-profit act of kindness has acted as a reminder of the positivity and support that exists in our communities and how the wider public continue to recognise the efforts of all the staff working in the Social Care sector.

Dynamic Print Media and the team who work with them have a reputation for kindness and selflessness in the community. Wanting to help bring joy to residents and some respite for our tirelessly working staff, they have gifted us with a large donation which has been distributed to each of our 23 homes. It’s clear that Nigel, Georgie and the wonderful team share our mission at Gold Care Homes in wanting to “enhance the lives of residents in our care by bringing them joy, happiness and fulfilment”.

Speaking with Georgie, she said “we know a lot of people in care homes and elderly are in isolation and can’t get out so we wanted to create a book that would have different activities for them to do. It’s a hard time for them so we want something that can make them happy. We’ve created this colouring book for the care homes so they know that there is something special just for them. Drawing is important to me and so is helping people, so I’m glad to be a part of a project that helps people during such an unprecedented time.”

We are truly grateful for each member of staff, who’s efforts do not go unnoticed and for the generous donation from Nigel, Georgie and the whole Dynamic Print Media team.

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