• What is a Residential Care Home?

    Our residential care homes provide a welcoming place to live for those who need extra support. Providing comfort, security, and care, our homes relieve residents of day-to-day practical worries, allowing them to focus on enjoying themselves.

    As a resident, we promise to treat you with respect, providing you with privacy and dignity whilst supporting your independence.  We aim to build strong relationships and provide you with an enhanced quality of life. You can continue to pursue your favourite interests and enjoy your existing personal relationships outside the home.

    We provide support with personal care, meals, medication, and help with managing finances when necessary. Our Homes are also able to provide meaningful support for people living with dementia.


  • How much will it cost, and what will I have to pay?

    If you have capital assets of over £23000.00* you will be required to pay the full cost of the care provided. This fee is presently £680.00 – £900.00 per week* If you have capital of less than £23000.00* you will be expected to declare your income and savings. An assessment of your charges will then be made. In this instance you will have a social worker to help you. There is a minimum charge which everyone has to pay and the Department of Social Security (DSS) will ensure that you will at least have sufficient income to meet this charge and be left with a statutory personal allowance.
    *figure may change – ask for the up-to-date amount.

  • Will I have my own room?

    Yes. You can make the room your own by bringing pieces of furniture and other belongings with you. You will have a key to your room. There is also a bedside cabinet with a lockable drawer for you to keep small valuables and money.  Your room is your personal space, your visitors and our staff will only enter your room when invited by you. You may use it as you choose. Domestic staff, upon an arrangement of a convenient time with you, will attend to clean your room. However, it has to be recognised that some people have a legal right to inspect any part of a Residential Care Home and so may need to enter your room at any time.


  • What time is visiting hours?

    Visits are only ever restricted for health and safety reasons, such as during a pandemic. Otherwise, your family and friends can come to see you anytime you like, and can remain involved in your care if that is your preference. Guests are welcome to join you for a meal (for a nominal charge) by prior arrangement.  Tea and coffee making facilities are available in our dining areas.

  • Is there anywhere for relatives to stay?

    Our care homes do not have a permanent facility for visitors to stay overnight. However, there may be circumstances when the management would like to/need to accommodate a stay. Each request will be considered on a case by case basis.

  • Are there Activities?

    We pride ourselves on providing a range of activities to suit all tastes. There is always something going on from quizzes to hand massages and board games to shopping days in the nearby town. We support the UK National Dementia Strategy which ensures that key life skills are maintained, building purpose and providing nurture for residents living with dementia. We organize both group and individual activities but in our experience, it is the one-to-one sessions that our residents find most calming and rewarding.

  • What about outings and activities?

    All of our homes hold activities for residents so there’s always something to get involved with. Some of our homes also arrange days out.  We also host regular entertainment and fundraising events. Your suggestions are always welcome.

  • What are the arrangements for having a bath or shower?

    As with all aspects of your care and support, we are guided by your preferences and choice. In organising your personalised package of care, we will establish the times you would like to be supported with a bath or shower. You can discuss what your preferred arrangement is with your allocated Key worker.

  • Are there hairdressing facilities?

    Yes. We have a visiting hairdresser operating in our own onsite salon. If you wish you can continue to use your own hairdresser who can make use of the salon on days when the inhouse hairdresser is not utilising the salon. This can also be arranged for a small charge and would need to be booked via the manager.

  • What laundry facilities are there?

    We provide a laundry service in the home. Bed linen is always changed on a weekly basis. Personal clothing can be laundered as and when you require it. All clothing will need to be labelled.

  • Will there be facilities for internet access?

    All of our Homes offer a Wi-Fi service but we can provide enhances service if you don’t have Wi-Fi coverage where you need. The best possible service to our residents is paramount to us.

  • Will there be facilities for making phone calls?

    Yes. You may have your own telephone installed in your room at your expense if you wish. There is also a telephone available for all our residents, located within the Home.

  • Are there any restrictions that affect me?

    Restrictions are kept to a minimum and you have the freedom to choose your own lifestyle, so long as this does not infringe on the rights of others. Our philosophy is to make our Home as flexible as possible. There are no set times for getting up and going to bed. Some residents like to rise early, others prefer a lie in.

  • How flexible are mealtimes?

    We try to be as flexible as possible for all meals. Arrangements can be made if you want to go out and are unable to return in time for a meal. You can choose to miss a meal or request a snack at another time.

  • Is there a choice of menu?

    Yes. Our home offers a choice of menu. Every effort will be made to meet your medical and cultural needs. Upon admission, our chef will meet with you to establish your preferences, likes and dislikes so that we can ensure we offer you a comprehensive selection of foods for each meal time.

  • Do you cater for special diets?

    Yes. We have very experienced cooks who can provide specialist diets. Every effort will be made to meet your medical and cultural needs. Upon admission, our chef will meet with you to establish your preferences, likes and dislikes so that we can ensure we offer you a comprehensive selection of foods for each meal time.

  • Do all Gold Care Homes have a shop?

    Some homes do have shops that keep small items for sale, e.g. toiletries and stationery. We also arrange shopping trips to the town where larger items may be purchased.

  • How is the home staffed?

    We employ skilled and experienced staff in the home to provide a 24-hour service, 7 days a week. We operate with sufficient staffing numbers to ensure the service is able to deliver all of the operational procedures safely and to the highest standard. If we ever encounter a need to bring in additional staff, staff from other Gold Care Homes are sought and where needed agency carers are utilised. We have the same strict requirements about our agency staff that we do for our own staff. Additionally, a system is operated whereby every resident has a special link with at least one member of staff. This person is called a Key worker.

  • Can I become involved with chores around the home?

    Yes. We want you to feel comfortable within your own home. This frequently includes residents wishing to be involved in the cleaning, decorating and choice of decorative items around the Home. If you wish to participate you can tell one of the staff what help you want to give. Your bedroom is your private area, and although staffs are employed to keep your room clean, you may prefer to do this yourself.

  • Can I retain links with local community?

    Yes. Because you are living in a Residential Care Home it doesn’t mean that you have to spend all your time here. We actively encourage our residents to participate and engage in their local community in the same way they did prior to moving in. We are also happy to help should you require assistance in this.

  • Can I bring my pet with me?

    This is usually left to the discretion of the other residents and the manager. Many of our Homes have some pets at present. They mainly consist of goldfish and budgies. Each request is reviewed independently.

  • Do you cater for married couples?

    Yes. Our home has married couples who have chosen to live with us. A double room will be provided.


  • Can I keep my own GP?

    Yes, providing that your GP agrees. It is a good idea to discuss this with your GP before you move in. Our staff will also be of assistance if you need to change.

  • Can I look after my own medicine?

    Yes, or if you want us to look after it we will. Sometimes your doctor may recommend that you let us deal with this for you.

  • What happens if I become ill?

    You will continue to be looked after in the home if you fall ill. Should you have to enter hospital, then your room will be kept available while you are there.

  • Can I leave the home for holiday periods?

    You can arrange to go on holiday, stay with family or friends, just as you did previously.

  • Can I voice my opinion?

    Yes. We encourage all our residents to voice their opinions. We hold regular resident meetings and at various times you may be asked to complete questionnaires. We are always keen to hear your ideas and suggestions as to how we can improve the service we provide. We also have a quality circle, members include residents, relatives and staff, who meet regularly to discuss quality within the home and introduce changes which can enhance the lives of everybody in the home.

  • How can I make a complaint?

    Anybody who wishes to comment or complain should ask to discuss the matter with the senior officer on duty in order to resolve any misunderstandings and to take immediate action to rectify the situation. This person will make a record of any such complaints. If this avenue proves unsatisfactory then you can ask to see the manager, who will also make a record of your concerns. If you are still unhappy about the situation you can contact our head office or the Care Standards Commission. All complaints are taken seriously and are fully investigated.

  • What do I do next?

    We hope that the information we have given you in this section will help you to make a good decision. If you would like to visit a home, to see for yourself or for your family members and ask your own questions please phone us on at the relevant homes phone number to arrange an appointment.

Resident and family testimonials

My late wife stayed in the Acton Care Home from the end of April 2018 until 21 September 2018 on which day she died there. In that time my wife was looked after in an excellent manner. All the nurses who cared for my wife were excellent, very professional and also very warm and friendly. My wife’s dignity was totally respected. I cannot thank enough all the staff at Acton Care Home. They deserve a 5-star recommendation.

Dennis S

(Husband of Resident)

My Uncle received excellent care at Alan Morkill House. The staff were always helpful and friendly and he was made to feel happy, secure and comfortable as he spent the last two years of his life there. I would recommend the home to friends and family.

Christine B

(Niece of Resident)

This placement proved a successful one giving my friend the best quality of life. The environment is peaceful and caring. I was most impressed by the kindness and professional skills of the staff in the home. Always going the extra mile.

Kathie M

(Friend of Resident)

Since my mum-in-law moved into Baugh House in April they have been nothing but fantastic. She has settled so well. The home itself is spotlessly clean and the staff go over and above to make residents feel at home. And I mean everyone domestic staff, care staff and admin. Ten out of ten to you all.  Can’t thank you all enough for all you do.

Georgina C

(Daughter-in-law of Resident)

It’s hard to describe the happiness you feel in this building. The staff really care. I called Dad the other day and could hear music, when I asked him what it was he laughed and said they sing and dance, it makes us laugh. Sums it up really. If you want a home that goes the extra mile in every area then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bletchley House. Improvements have been made to the home and continue to be ongoing. The last 6 months have seen many positive changes. Thanks for all you do.

Barry C

(Son of Resident)

Dad has settled in well. He is very complimentary of the care he receives and says he feels safe and comfortable. I have great peace of mind and am confident he is being cared for. He loves the activities and the company of the other residents.

Lucy S

(Daughter of Resident)

I visit my Aunt on average three to four times a year and I always notify the staff at Burrows House of my forthcoming visit. Each time I visit I am constantly impressed by the care and kindness towards my Aunt by the staff, all staff. Her physical care is excellent. She is well presented. She is treated with dignity. The staff understand her needs and appear to know her well. Her room is cosy and clean.

Claire R

(Niece of Resident)

Staff have been very supportive to Mum, who has struggled to settle in. Mum has now made new friends and her health and wellbeing have greatly improved. The facilities are fantastic and Mum reports the food is lovely. The staff communicates well and always keeps me informed and updated.
Would highly recommend the home.

Rosalie T

(Daughter of Resident)

I would like to say that the personal care provided by the staff who looked after mum on a day to day and long term basis was excellent.

Paul F

(Son of Resident)

The staff are friendly and caring. They listen and are very welcoming and attentive.
They looked after my friend well and could not have done any better.

Kylie A

(Friend of Resident)

We cannot speak highly enough about Kent House. The staff are excellent, much of the reason for this is the example set by the managers, they are excellent. We are very grateful for the kindness and care they show to all of the residents, it’s a joy to see.

Christine K

(Daughter of Resident)

When we visit my aunt she is contented and is well looked after and well cared for. We are very grateful for the way the home gave her such a happy day for her 101st birthday. Staff were very kind to her.

John W

(Son of Resident)

The care the staff at Martin’s House give my dad is outstanding. The staff have been exemplary through the COVID crisis and have steadfastly given an excellent level of care during the most difficult of circumstances. Their professionalism and excellent people skills have helped clients and families alike, up to and during the COVID crisis. The staff have all taken the time to get to know me as well as my father. I am so grateful for everything they do for him. My dad is so happy with the care he receives, he is treated with respect and dignity.

Jane S

(Daughter of Resident)

The team at Peregrine House are caring and responsive. In this difficult time, they have been meticulous in protecting the residents, keeping them safe and keeping daily life as normal as possible. This is remarkable, given the challenges – every single member of staff has clearly worked tirelessly to maintain safety and wellbeing.

Eleanor K

(Daughter of Resident)

We are both very happy with the care she gets. Pre covid, I would visit every day, and I have always enjoyed the staff’s company and pleasant manner. I really do appreciate the care the staff give to my wife.

Brian S

We got in touch with St Katherine’s for respite care for Mum when she was extremely unwell with dehydration. They were extremely compassionate and helpful to us when we were in a situation that we were finding difficult to deal with. Every one of the staff has been so kind and caring toward Mum and ourselves. We could not fault the care she is receiving and she is very happy there.

Janis G

(Daughter of Resident)

I can’t say how fantastic the team are at The Tudors in looking after their residents. They are brilliant, always caring, always have time to discuss your relative’s needs with you, and it is clear how much they care about the people they are looking after. Mum is happy and safe; what more can you ask for.

Karen W

(Daughter of Resident)

Extremely helpful, very friendly, cannot fault the staff. Cleanliness is excellent.

Gillian S

(Wife of Resident)

Very pleased with Mom’s care. Staff are excellent and provide a first-class service. The home is well managed and maintained., always clean and friendly. We now know Mom is being well cared for and the staff knows exactly how to deal with her needs. Cannot fault St Stephens.


(Daughter of Resident)

Very welcoming, all staff and management embrace you an make you feel at ease and are very caring to all. As a visitor, they are so friendly and will do anything to help.

Janet W

(Wife of Resident)

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