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National Care Home Open Day


National Care Home Open Days is a spectacular annual event. The purpose of the event is to bring the Care Homes and the surrounding communities together through an annual theme. Each year the theme of the event changes, this year’s theme selected is ‘Art’. The National Day is celebrated with strong core values; heart, friendship, making connections and celebrating older and vulnerable people.

National Care Home Open Day is to take place on Friday 28th  June 2019

Gold Care Homes will be holding this event at all of their homes throughout the UK. The day will consist of many different activities and performances all related to the theme of Art. There will be raffles, many fabulous handmade items that you can purchase, and all cash raised on the day will be donated to the resident’s fund. Already we know that the line up will be one not to miss!

Please join us in what we expect to be a day of many laughs in the sun!

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