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All Hail Her Majesty, The Queen!

Queen Elizabeth II turned 94 years of age on 21st April this year, and our patriotic residents and team have thrived on the opportunity to dish out the fine china and celebrate on Her Majesty’s behalf. St Katharine’s Care Home went particularly regal with the celebrations in their home as Business Manager, Victoria, kindly reached out to the Queen by writing her a letter on behalf of the home and received a response!

St Katharine’s Care Home, set in Wantage, caters to a large array of care needs, with the biggest being in residential care, dementia care, nursing and end of life care.

For those of the generation who have witnessed the highs and lows of monarchy throughout the decades and show clear adoration for our sovereign state; this personalised note from the Queen’s lady in waiting has caused a stir of excitement. The Queen’s birthday provided the perfect opportunity for our team to sit with residents and reminisce through the decades. Historic figures of the past are often a great way to aid in stimulating those living with dementia; and our dementia residents in St Katharine’s thrived in these celebrations. With bunting, patriotic decorations and conversations of heirlooms, all of our residents were engaged and smiling throughout the day. Joan Chandler, resident, reminisced “I remember walking through Oxford listening to the band play, flags waving in the wind and everyone celebrating, dancing and cheering. It’s so lovely to celebrate 75 years with a tea party and a sing song. I’ve had a wonderful afternoon.”

Each member of the team partook in organising this festive celebration within the home, paying meticulous attention to how each team can contribute to this wonderful occasion in the home. With clear organisation in planning and a joint effort from the kitchen, activities and care team, the home was adorned with decorations, themed activities and freshly baked scones and cake for the afternoon tea – it was a royal feast! The scones were a clear favourite among the residents; as resident Patricia Winney commented “I had a lovely day making flags, singing, and dancing. The tea party and scones were really great”.

Seung Ping, Manager of St Katharine’s Care Home, said: “I would like to thank our amazing team who organised our high tea party for residents to celebrate the Queen’s 94th birthday in April. The activity team, Tina and Rachel, always go the extra mile in everything they do. The St Katharine’s team continue to make me proud as they come together and put their heart and soul into making our residents time with us, both meaningful and enjoyable. Our Business Manager, Victoria, shows us incredible support and I am humbled and proud to see the continual ‘can do’ attitude in practise.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our homes have been left no choice but to shut their doors to the wider public in efforts to protect the health and wellbeing of our residents. This in mind, the festivities and positivity upheld by the team is commendable. The Gold Care team continue to go above and beyond every day, with the flexibility and adaptable skills to make the most of every situation.

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